Access to NCOBB & ICN Worldwide competitions

Membership of the NCOBB is required to register for all local NCOBB events, and all Belgian athletes need active membership to participate in international ICN events and competitions. The NCOBB app allows easy registration and payment for these events, access to the NCOBB app is included in your membership.

Access to our online community

NCOBB strives to provide a supportive environment for all natural bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Our NCOBB app is designed to provide an active online community to help you achieve your bodybuilding and fitness goals!

Access to our competition and posing seminars

We not only try to support athletes online. But also provide moments throughout the competition year where all NCOBB members are welcome to get information regarding their division or competition. Besides going over the sports regulations, there is also the opportunity to join a posing class as well as get in touch with other members and coaches within the NCOBB community!

Help finance our activities

Your annual payment helps our non-profit organisation to save money and invest in better trophies and medals. It also allows us to sponsor our Belgian athletes participating in international competitions through a compensation fund and to increase the number of active anti-doping tests during the competition year!

This way, natural bodybuilding can continue to grow in Belgium!