CANCELLED: New Faces + Belgian Championships 2020

Due to the overnight change in Covid guidelines, we are forced to cancel our

NCOBB New Faces + Belgian Championships 2020 for tomorrow in Aalbeke.
It is with great regret that we have take these drastic measures so close to the championships. We were hoping to make an arrangement for our athletes, but this has sadly been disapproved.

Our stage was built, trophies were set up for display, our sponsor,

XXL Nutrition, delivered their goodie bags for our athletes and our volunteers were ready and eager to make this a great day for Drug Free Bodybuilding.
All tickets and sign up fees will be refunded and dealt with as soon as possible.
Despite these dreadful times, we want to congratulate all of our athletes for staying rigid and steadfast in their training and diet towards this competition.
We are heartbroken not being able to allow you to celebrate your hard endeavours.
We hope for your understanding, stay safe and take care of each other.
We will return, together.
On reviendra, ensemble.
We komen terug, allemaal.
The NCOBB commitee

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